Kim, Taejoong

김태중 (b.1975)

Born in 1975 in seoul , south korea

B.F.A Printmaking of art college Hong-Ik University . seoul. Korea

M.F.A Printmaking of art college Hong-Ik University . seoul. Korea

개인전 / 2인전

2022 drawing machine, BGN Gallery, seoul

2021 motorlife - 13 gallery , seoul

2020 blueless –gallery yoho, seoul

2020 drawing machine – gallery marron , seoul

2016 moving plants – lotte hotel gallery  , seoul
2016 code – 김태중 . 문형태 2인전 –갤러리 송아당
2016 life collection –karas gallery
2015 The sweet - 가나 아트파크
2013 Endless line drawing (manofin gallery . Seoul)
2009 Mania life ( AVENUEL LOTTE GALLERY )
2007 Open studio (arco museum)
2005 Thirthy three (포스코 미술관)
2004 EBS space 개관 초대전 "낙서금지"
2003 My Diary (there's gallery)
2003 Hybrid Theory -이동기 김태중 2인전 (공화랑)
2002 Dog&god (경인 미술관)
2001 From my dream (보다 갤러리)
2001 From my dream (there's)
2001 "方" -김태중 박미나 2인전( jj gallery )

그 외 다수



100 artists 100 albums – lotte avenue arthall

Drawing machine space open
Ji bach album artwork – warner classic world
Art of the bottle – upcycle center gwang-myung city
아상한 나라의 올빼미집 – 비발디 아트 하우스

Sweet soul – cacadew in kang nam , seoul
The jack 과 아이들 - gallery mei in seoul

The sweet – jang hung art partk
Money – adui gallery in busan
Schubertiade –ditto festival 2015
Karen bystedt X tae joong kim –andy warhol –DDP in seoul
Color with soul – hogam gallery in seoul
5th tokyo zombie 666- block house in tokyo japan
Seoul street story –jeamirang in seoul
Hotel art fair – hong kong

From my sweet dream – café 4m
Gafiftii efect – 세종문화회관
Cool running – lotte gallery, seoul

13 project -mmc gallery ,seoul
Pop n pop (lotte gallery . Seoul)
Car story – art factory

하하호호(夏夏好好) (가족 그림 부채展 ) - 롯데갤러리 영등포점 LOTTE GALLERY YEONGDUENGPO STORE
healing camp (가나아뜰리에 입주작가 보고展 ) - 가나 아트센터
판타스틱 미술백서 (Fantastic Devil's Dictionary about Art展) - 꿈의숲 아트센터_드림갤러리
Artistic Period –인터알리아
지읒 展 -chung-a art center
colorful character – tae joong and ArtNom –ganaart gallery

being with you – ( be-hive )
coca cola 125 - open happiness . (cannon gallery)
good drugs – ( ag gallery )

오버더레인보우 part11 . 성곡미술관
화랑 미술제 (카이스 갤러리-부산 벡스코)
Soaf ( 수호 갤러리- 서울 코엑스)
Listen&stop -지용&태중-(현대카드스폰서)
Loco-motive engineer (갤러리 선컨템포러리)


Aw77 -nike (갤러리 현대 강남)

Pump 20 -reebok (갤러리 쿤스트할레)

Cais gallery. Hong kong


미래를 열다- gallery pakyoung, 파주

행복한 상상프로젝트-고양아람누리. 일산

상상비타민-gallery AG , 서울

일탈의 기술 -인터알리아 , 서울

Emrging Asia- 한전 프라자. 서울

도시를 그리다- 서울 디자인 올림픽.


서울국제 판화사진 아트페어-예술의 전당.서울

Fusion - Galerie Artenoo (Contemporary Art in Shanghai and Paris)

pearl (Pakyoung Emerging Artists Residence Launching)- gallery pakyoung

27-30 March Bridge Art Fair, New York

일탈의 기술전-인터알리아 ,서울


스페인 arco -intermediae_minbak –matadero madrid-


converse korea "self factory" -artdiretor-

artcar project - ssamzie's chairman car


Sounding Around The 38n, Contemporary Art From North And South Korea (Canvas International Art -the Netherland )한글전 (gallery loop)


cyworld paperzine -love virus project-art center NABI

joo&joong collection no.33 -(gallery hyundai)

작업공간 열어보기 -(인사아트센터)

selected emerging artists-SEMA 2004- "6개의 이야기" (서울시립미술관)


도시에 앉는다-경기도 의왕시 벤치 프로젝트

tokyo designer's block - tokyo ,japan

print 2040 new stream (부산시립미술관)

슈퍼마켓 뮤지엄전 (성곡미술관)


10인의 자연해석전 (덕원 갤러리)

공간 국제 소형 판화전 (서울 공간사)


청강문화산업대, 공주대학교


주)하이트, 쌈지, 현대카드, 클리오, 브레라, 삼보건설 Etc.



“Landscape ot the floating mind “

•Kim Taejoong is an artist who is characteristically known for his sensitive paintings with bright, standing out colors and witty forms. Most of his works are completed with a variety of colors of acrylic paints that he himself creates by mixing the pigments directly on the canvas. Kim, who studied printmaking in college, delicately reflects the composition and linear quality of the print in his painting, blurring the boundary between the genres. This unique, unconventional composition now becomes the hallmark of the artist’s style that attracts young people who feel intimate with it.

•Generally, Kim’s paintings are crammed with a seemingly endless series of figures that appear to be obsessive. The artist, who says he works to honestly express himself, puts the fragmentary images and ideas out of his mind without reserve and composes a landscape with them. The brush strokes as implicit and rhythmic as a poem go toward the artist’s emotional expression. However, contrary to first appearances, these paintings that are resonate with light and speedy tempo and mood are the result of his long refinement of countless thoughts in intimate time. If one takes a close look at the artist’s landscapes, he will catch both Kim’s gravity and wit to produce pleasure for the purpose of not being heavy. He serenely tells us his stories, without using any form of coercion. Thus, it would be perfect if you only look at his paintings with your own eyes and in your own way, like reading a poem.

•According to Kim, his works are a kind of landscape. To speak more directly, it is a landscape that is built with the thousands of fragments of landscapes floating in his mind. His own experiences and thoughts serve as the basis for this created landscape. In fact, when it comes to the artist’s real life, one finds it full of activities in a wide range of fields, such as designer, DJ, Jazz singer, baseball player, and even car maniac. Furthermore, Kim had worked on collaboration with well-known brands associated with young and active lifestyle including Nike, Reebok, Basic House, SSamzie, and UNIQLO, as if striking against the stereotyped image of an artist. Some of the public who saw close at hand Kim’s works in the forms of diary, sneakers, and T-shirts call him Pop Artists. All these activities are not separated from his artistic creation. For this artist who wants to constantly add novelty and unfamiliarity to his work, even this unusual career trajectory proves an aesthetic incentive.

•Kim’s recent works present a direct reflection of what he likes and what he thinks. The artist, who once had dreamed of becoming a car designer, produced various car-related works: landscapes with a Porsche and installations using auto parts. Though at times brazenly invaded by a Chinese character 心(heart), his canvases are always crowded with fragments of memories relating to his daily life and interests, such as an unrecognizable head or sexual images. Kim gave the title “Heart in a Raining Forest (雨林之心)” to this series of recent works that represented the landscape of his inner world. As is known, his paintings have been primarily marked by the strong impression of lines and the flattening, planar effect of lines defining the figures. Nevertheless, he still creates a sense of distance using color difference and recently, the unique beauty of landscape by boldly leaving a blank space within a picture.

•So far, various journals and media have introduced Kim’s work only by locating it in the context of Western art genres such as Pop art or graffiti. However, his art, that has undoubtedly continued to make modifications in its own way, could be more easily understood as a personal space in which the hybrid aspects of the environment and culture surrounding the artist are struggling with one another. He gradually extended the range of his subject matter, which recently includes religious icons suggestive of Buddhism or Hinduism and other subjects familiar to the Korean people, such as traditional Korean patterns, the figure typically appearing in the so-called true-view landscape painting, and so on. Though put in the Western forms and the canvas frame, his paintings evoke both a familiar and unfamiliar feeling due to a curious combination of characteristic colors, cultural aspects surrounding him, his interest in the symbolism of African art, and so on.

•Through his work, Kim talks about himself dealing with the things he found around him. He is also an artist who already has a large base of fans because of the popular activities mentioned above. Some may cast anxious eyes to the wide range of his achievements, but a careful look at the traces of the artist’s serious inquiries and experiments found in his works would be enough for you to turn down the old anxiety. This is why it is expected how in the future a far-reaching variety of the artist’s activities, that are as heterogeneous as his familiar and unfamiliar works, will be melted into his art.

•Sunmi Ham (art critic)